Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jewellery works

I've been working in a different field lately, jewelery, products photography, it is not a easy task but I did my best!

SAMPLE 01 sample 2


After my panic attack in the plane.. we've arrived safely in Bangkok yesterday, so it's Day one, I don't know what to do or where to go.. around 3 pm, I went exploring the area around Sukhumvit, I never thought bangkok was this humid and hot, we were walking for three hours and I am not a walker, I like cars, air conditioned cars.. I thought Dubai was hot but it's nothing compared to Bangkok..

I walked to The Emporium mall after changing my mind on riding the BTS Skyline, the mall is really nice, but I was not in the mood for shopping really, I thought I'd do that some other time as I was interested to see more of Bangkok than shopping..

I was carrying my Sanyo Xacti E1 video/still camera with me, I didn't bring my Canon I thought that one would be ok for now, surprisingly the still pictures isn't that bad.

Hair Salon

This is a hair salon on the way to my hotel in Sukhumvit. I was desperate to go to a salon as my hair with all the humidity went frizzy but I couldn't get into that one, I thought IF they'd misunderstand me.. I'll end up blond!

School girls

Lovely school girls I met on the street of Bangkok near the Benjasini Park. I loved their cute school uniforms, I had to stop them for a picture, they did not understood English but sign language was no problem, all I did was touch my clothes and point at them and thumb up and smile!


Ok so I thought I'd share some biscuits crumbs with the pigeons, well I didn't expect to see 50 pigeons flying toward me, I freaked out, it was scary, embarrassing and strangely fun, I saw some other tourist taking pictures of the pigeons attack lol how embarrassing is that.

Pink Bangkok

Taken infront of the The Emporium mall.
I love these pink taxis though I haven't ridden one yet!


I was shocked when I saw this and I had to take a picture! Warm-Up is the last thing on my mind while in Bangkok!

If I can't find a better way of transportation here I'd go crazy :(
Wish me luck people, I know I whined a lot

Eva and Andreea

I've worked with two new models almost a week ago, it was a blast, I haven't had the time to post them to DA, but hopefully soon, meanwhile, here are some pictures from that session:


Eva 06

Eva 01 Eva 04 Eva 05


Andreea 03 Andreea 02 Andreea 05 Andreea 06

I was very satisfied with the results, the girls were wonderful, the makeup artist did a wonderful job, so all went great for once, I had plenty of fun too :)

Many thanks to Eva, Anna, Andreea, Juliette and Carlos, Beverly and Helen for making this happens!

Work with Sixtine

I've done some recent work with Sixtine and Jeanina, the photoshoot went ok but I just can't do it on my own again, I need the team to be with me..I need to only focus on the photography and not styling, makeup and such, I hate doing that =_= I just need to find people who are willing to work at anytime anywhere.. gahh!

Anyway, here are the pictures from that session:


Sixtine on the road 04 Sixtine on the road 02

Test shoot with Michaela

Michaela 01 Michaela 02

Michaela 05 Michaela 10

Michaela set on flickr

Well, I wanted to take better backstage photos but ended up with little,
everyone was tired and poor Aqeel fell asleep on us (not the first time though lol)
and I couldn't hold myself of taking picture of him sleeping though
I need his permission before posting it lol

Michaela getting reading for her next shoot.

I got to buy a Digital Video Camera and tape my works,
just for my entertainment and I better get me those point and shoot camera's
for behind the scene work, it would make more sense as I get lazy when it comes
to changing lenses and we have small space to work with.

Cape Town Session

Original post on: Sep 9, 2007

I've finally got the chance to dig into my HD and found few pictures I've taken behind the scene with Tarryn, Shannon and Ryan from Ice Models Management in Cape Town..

Tarryn making her funny move!

Ryan chillin (watching borat on his ipod screen)

Shannon peace out

It's quite different working overseas, being on my own, no one you know, just people you meet for the first time, they are lovely people yes, but it was difficult for me to manage everything, I did not have a stylist, assistant or anything, just a makeup artist who was sweet enough to do the hairs as well and she was amazing at it, so we just two people working on 2 models, well three models though Ryan did not need any makeup or anything, just picking up what to wear with what and thats it.

I remember getting quite upset with the weather, it was rainy a min and sunny another then all rainy again, we started from 10:30 am and at 12 pm I just felt like I had enough or the day was going too slow, for once, I usually think working from 10 am to 6:30 pm is not enough back in Dubai, but I guess it is different after all, there was not much motive, the clothes were not great to choose from, if Shannon did not bring along her suitcase we would probably not have anything nice to put on them, I borrowed clothes from the guest house host, I borrowed clothes from this girl for the other girl lol it was a mess I remember, but it was a fine session, the results came out nice, Ryan was a beautiful young man, his agent was quite happy with the pictures so yes I was happy too . Shannon was a fun girl, she is talkative and fun to work with though she was the last one to pose as she was getting her hair straighten (unfortunately it does not work with her look at all, she looks fabulous with curly hair), Tarryn on the other hand, she was quiet but little by little started to talk and she got very excited working with Ryan. They got along quite well.

In Uniforms

Original post on: Aug 24, 2007

I've done my first photoshoot in South Africa yesterday, the weather was terrible in the morning till afternoon, it was raining every now and then, it was wet, the models were feeling sick poor them, actually all of us had a red noses cos of the cold (yes it's winter here in SA) .. Anyhow, after we were done and everyone were about the leave, the son of the guest house owner I am staying at came with a friend, Greg is such a sweet boy and Richie is super cute and funny, he is so clever :) .. I thought of taking pictures of the boys in their Uniforms, you'll see Greg on the left and Richie on the right.

I've noticed Greg got such an amazing face, I'd love shooting him more, I will make sure to do so before leaving, he will be my teen model lol .. his mom was so happy with the picture, I was glad I could do something for them, they are the kindest people I ever met here. Thank you Karen and Leigh :)

Behind the scene

(Journal Entry: Mon Jul 30, 2007)

I've done a shoot with Alexandra today, it was fun working with her again, though she had to leave at 4 PM :( how sad is that, she wanted to go pack up as she's leaving Dubai tomorrow, I hope I see her next year, I will miss that girl a lot!

I've taken some pictures of her, beauty shot, fashion, bikini, some indoors and outdoors at Al Manzil hotel in Dubai (beautiful hotel! You guys should check it out even for dinning), it was so kind of Tracey to let us shoot there, she is such a lovely lady :) Thank you Tracey Meskin!

I took snapshot of my girls, was fun shooting Alex doing funny faces XD

(Pictures of Alexandra and my friend Rifqa the super makeup artist XD and Aqeel in pink :P) But really, thank you Aqeel for the wonderful and outstanding hairdo, and Rifqa for the beautiful flawless makeup! I love you guys :D

More pictures will be posted later tonight on this journal en sha'allah :D


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