Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Uniforms

Original post on: Aug 24, 2007

I've done my first photoshoot in South Africa yesterday, the weather was terrible in the morning till afternoon, it was raining every now and then, it was wet, the models were feeling sick poor them, actually all of us had a red noses cos of the cold (yes it's winter here in SA) .. Anyhow, after we were done and everyone were about the leave, the son of the guest house owner I am staying at came with a friend, Greg is such a sweet boy and Richie is super cute and funny, he is so clever :) .. I thought of taking pictures of the boys in their Uniforms, you'll see Greg on the left and Richie on the right.

I've noticed Greg got such an amazing face, I'd love shooting him more, I will make sure to do so before leaving, he will be my teen model lol .. his mom was so happy with the picture, I was glad I could do something for them, they are the kindest people I ever met here. Thank you Karen and Leigh :)

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