Tuesday, April 14, 2009


After my panic attack in the plane.. we've arrived safely in Bangkok yesterday, so it's Day one, I don't know what to do or where to go.. around 3 pm, I went exploring the area around Sukhumvit, I never thought bangkok was this humid and hot, we were walking for three hours and I am not a walker, I like cars, air conditioned cars.. I thought Dubai was hot but it's nothing compared to Bangkok..

I walked to The Emporium mall after changing my mind on riding the BTS Skyline, the mall is really nice, but I was not in the mood for shopping really, I thought I'd do that some other time as I was interested to see more of Bangkok than shopping..

I was carrying my Sanyo Xacti E1 video/still camera with me, I didn't bring my Canon I thought that one would be ok for now, surprisingly the still pictures isn't that bad.

Hair Salon

This is a hair salon on the way to my hotel in Sukhumvit. I was desperate to go to a salon as my hair with all the humidity went frizzy but I couldn't get into that one, I thought IF they'd misunderstand me.. I'll end up blond!

School girls

Lovely school girls I met on the street of Bangkok near the Benjasini Park. I loved their cute school uniforms, I had to stop them for a picture, they did not understood English but sign language was no problem, all I did was touch my clothes and point at them and thumb up and smile!


Ok so I thought I'd share some biscuits crumbs with the pigeons, well I didn't expect to see 50 pigeons flying toward me, I freaked out, it was scary, embarrassing and strangely fun, I saw some other tourist taking pictures of the pigeons attack lol how embarrassing is that.

Pink Bangkok

Taken infront of the The Emporium mall.
I love these pink taxis though I haven't ridden one yet!


I was shocked when I saw this and I had to take a picture! Warm-Up is the last thing on my mind while in Bangkok!

If I can't find a better way of transportation here I'd go crazy :(
Wish me luck people, I know I whined a lot

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